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Hi there...

got a brandnew Alphatrack today and I have to say - it would be a nice thing if it would work.

I wanted to check it out but the fader doesn't work - same/similar behaviour as described in similar posts by other customers. It slams to the top and to the bottom during calibration and then picks randomly one of those positions to stay there. If one is moving it, it immediately moves back to full top or full bottom. Fader motor is makin' weird sounds every 3 - 4 seconds.

According to MIDI-OX the fader doesn't send MIDI, so my guess is, it's one of the corrupt units.

I'm a tad disappointed by that fact, cause I like the overall concept. It seems to me, as if a whole series of units is damaged - according to the amount of similar posts at this place.

Will send mine back to the trader, maybe I'm gonna look for another unit somewhere else - but surprisingly more and more traders over here in Germany begin to take the unit out of their assortment.

To the mods: If there is a problem with this unit due to production failures, when will flawless working units be delivered to the traders ?



Re: And another fader doesn't work...

Hi tannoy,

Sorry to hear about your AlphaTrack, unfortunately it does sound (like the others on this forum) that there is a hardware issue with the fader.  They are supposed to be tested prior to being boxed up and shipped out.  I suppose it's possible that there is an intermittent failure that passed testing and that during shipment something came loose and caused the problem you're experiencing now, it's also possible that these failures have 'slipped through the cracks'.  At any rate, like the others, all I can suggest is either returning it to the dealer you purchased it from for a replacement or you can return it here for a repair.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Re: And another fader doesn't work...

There's some underpaid worker in China somewhere who can't solder worth a damn.  What's likely wrong with your AlphaTrack (and all the rest) is a cold solder joint or two in the connections between the fader and the circuit board.  Resoldering the wires to the fader and motor fixed mine, but I got mine used off of eBay and so it wasn't under warranty.  I would have had to pay for the repair plus shipping if I'd had it done by a Frontier technician.

I didn't touch the connections on the circuit board itself, just those connecting to the actual fader.  It works great now, and though I shouldn't have had to do it, I have faith that it will probably give me years of trouble free service now that the connections are all good.

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