Topic: Fader is dead

Hey everybody,
I'm using Cakewalk 6PE on a Windows XP/SP3 machine. For some reason, i simply cannot get my fader to work. By that i mean, when im switching tracks the fader wont move to the appropriate volume level, it simply stays in the position it was before. But when I have an open project and move the fader manually (by hand) the volume level in Sonar will respond properly. So first i thought the motor might be broken, but when im trying to recalibrate, the motor will jump into live. Unfortunately, the Alphatrack still will not recalibrate properly. The fader just sits in one position and doesnt even move a tiny bit. You can just hear the motor working, but nothing else happens. I've now waited about 20 minutes and the AT still says its calibrating...
Any ideas what could be the problem here?
Thanks a lot in advance!

Re: Fader is dead

Hi Whooricane,

This definitely sounds to me like a hardware issue.  The recalibration test doesn't sound like it's working right at all.  I'd return it to the dealer you purchased it from for a replacement.  Otherwise I would contact and see about getting it repaired.