Topic: Tranzport downloads (Previous SONAR v1.2.6 Plug-in Installer )

To whom it may concern I've been having a little trouble getting Tranzport to display metering, track levels, track display, track volume.
The Record Enable is not working either (pressing the Record button doesnt' start recording).

FYI all this stuff was working before; I haven't been recording in a while, and I also switched internet providers'

I'm using Windows XP, Sonar Producer 5; I downloaded Sonar's Upgrade Patches 5.1 & 5.2.
I downloaded as much as the upgrades from the Frontier's download section as I could , but everytime I attempt to download the (Previous SONAR v1.2.6 Plug-in Installer ) the Site re-directs me to the Alpha Trak promo page? There is also another Tranzport download (can't rember which one) that re-directs me to the Alpha page? I registered Tranzport (again), updated my email, and logged into the forum but no luck.... So I'm not sure If i'm supposed to download those particular patch's from the Alpha Trak's download section or not?

If anyone could shed a little light on the subject that would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!

Great product by the way - I just have to get it up & running like before! LOL!!!

Re: Tranzport downloads (Previous SONAR v1.2.6 Plug-in Installer )

Hi miguelyaya,

First, I would confirm that you used the latest TranzPort installer found here:

Make sure that the USB transceiver is unplugged prior to installing the driver.  During the driver installation, make sure you check the box for the Sonar plug-in. Then before launching Sonar you should click on the AlphaTrack icon in the taskbar and make sure you're in 'native' mode and then launch Sonar.  In Sonar go to options/midi devices and make sure that the 'TranzPort boxes are checked for both input and output. 

Then go to options/control surfaces and create a new device and add the TranzPort and set its midi input and midi output fields to 'TranzPort' as well.  If this was already done, then try deleting the one that was already there (that instance of the TranzPort control surface) and then just re-add it again making sure it's configured as I described.  Sometimes deleting a control surface and then re-adding it to the list solves some problems.

Hope this helps...


Re: Tranzport downloads (Previous SONAR v1.2.6 Plug-in Installer )

Central Scrutinizer,

Thanks for the reply!

I do not have that latest Tranpzport patch installed.

I did have the USB plugged in when attempting to download the driver's.

I'll do the Native Mode double check.

My apologies for the late reply, just been working like crazy these past few months.

I'll try downloading again via you're suggestion's tonight. And let ya' know how it went

Mucha's Gracia's!!