Topic: Vista Home premium + Alpha Track = BSOD

I have followed all the instruction posted on this forum and on the downloads site.      I have uninstalled and reinstalled 6 times.    This is a home computer and I am the only user, I am logged in as the administrator.    The Vista registry will not let me delete the entries for a clean install
This is the third week of trying to get this thing running.    I have tried the email support, you check your mail each week right?
No phone numbers, and no help.     If you are not going to write good instructions then at least provide support to geet your products working

Re: Vista Home premium + Alpha Track = BSOD

Hi ardbeg,

I was forwarded your email from support and I saw that you got an 'error 39' message in the device manager.  I've never heard of anyone running into this before and we're trying to get to the bottom of it.  It's normally a much easier install process and I'm sorry you've ran into a roadblock but we will do what we can to get you up and running.   Support should have emailed you about a screenshot.


Re: Vista Home premium + Alpha Track = BSOD

I just sent support an email about why a screenshot is not possible.    The uninstall instructions on this site seem to be for XP.
Is there some twist in Vista regedit?