Topic: Touch strip changes pitch!!!

alserrano wrote:

Everytime I scroll using the strip and then press play, my midi instruments changes pitch as if the strip is a pitchbend controller. When I press stop and then play again, then everything goes back to normal. I'm using Sonar 6. Please help. Thank you.

CS:Hey Al,

Make sure that you don't have any of your MIDI tracks inputs set to AlphaTrack. Also, make sure that in Sonar/Options/Control Surfaces you have only 1 instance of AlphaTrack listed, and that both of its MIDI port settings (In and Out) are set to itself.

I can't think of any other reason for this behavior, but if this doesn't cure it let us know any other details you can and we'll try to help.


alserrano wrote:

This fixed it for me... thanks.