Topic: no respons at all

running Sonar 8.5 32 bit on windows 7 64 bit.
Downloaded latest drivers

load the drivers, plug in the AlphaTrack... go through the instructions for Sonar given on the disk. Nothing happens

No display in the Alpha window. Touching anything on the Alpha triggers a sound out of Sonar.

Using the Act Midi Control button in Sonar I have tried a couple presets but get the same results... nothing.

What now?



Re: no respons at all

Hi john6528,

If you're using a 32-Bit version of Sonar in a 64-Bit OS then I have to ask if you went through the procedure to register the AlphaTrack dll?  If you don't know what I'm talking about then you should go to click on products/AlphaTrack/downloads and then scroll down to the plug-in section of the page and locate the 'Sonar 32-Bit plug-in' download it and read the read-me file that's in the folder it will explain everything.

Re: no respons at all

I did this after calling support the same day I posted here. They explained it. Tells me that posting here isn't the fast way to get help.