Topic: track buttons not working in Nuendo 4.3

The track buttons on my alpha track have stopped working in nuendo 4.3 I recently added a new hard drive to my system, windows 7 64 bit, and when I reconnected I had to reload the drivers. Now Nuendo shows the driver as 2- alphatrack. It never used to have the 2 before it. I have reloaded the drivers several times and looked for a version that wasnt completely uninstalled but cant find anything. I also did a recalibration and checked the key command menu, Nothing that I can see. I must have hit something somewhere or else I have two separate instances of the drivers installed. Any help or suggestions are appreciated! Thanks.

Re: track buttons not working in Nuendo 4.3

Hi strat1376,

A screenshot would be most helpful.  I've heard of something like this happening in Audition where it only recognizes 1-AlphaTrack and if you plugged the alphaTrack into another USB port it would show up as 2-alphaTrack and not be recognized.  So it's a shot in the dark but you may want to try plugging it into another USB port (the one you first installed the AlphaTrack from) and see if that helps.  It should recognize it anyway because I thought Audition was the only DAW that had device naming/recognition issues.

Otherwise I'd contact and include a screenshot of where you see 2-AlphaTrack and describe your problem there.