Topic: Strange Fader behaviour


I've been using Alphatrack with no issues in C4. However I've got this odd fader behaviour in C5 which I hope someone can help with.

All the buttons and switches work fine. If I move the on screen volume fader in the Cubase 5 mixer, the fader on the Alphatrack moves correctly. If, however I try to move the Alphatrack fader, the Cubase fader doesn't respond and as soon as I let go of the fader it jumps back to the position of the on screen fader.

I've tried activating write/ Read mode on the mixer channel but nothing helps.

I'me using all the latest drivers and using Cubase 5 32bit on Vista 64.

Any ideas?



Re: Strange Fader behaviour

Hi SimonA,

First, I'd make sure that in Cubase's device setup window your AlphaTrack under 'remote devices' has 'AlphaTrack' selected for both midi input and midi output.  If it already is, you can try deleting that device and then just re-add another AlphaTrack device by clicking on the (+) icon in the device setup screen and then configure it the was I described above and see if that helps.  Otherwise, I suppose it's possible that you are using the wrong plug-in.  If you're using 32-Bit Cubase in 64-Bit Vista, you'll want to use the 32-Bit AlphaTrack/Cubase plug-in from our site:

scroll down to the plug-ins section and download the "Cubase/Nuendo 32-bit Win Plug-in v1.0.7" and place the AlphaTrackCN.dll into C:/ProgramFiles/Steinberg/Cubase(the 32-Bit version)/Components

it should replace any other AlphaTrack plug-in in that folder.

Hope this helps....