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does anyone out there know if I can use my Tranzport with Sibelius 6, and if so, how to do it?

Thanks in anticipation!


Re: Sibelius 6

Hi kenaitch,

I don't have a copy of it here so I can't try it out for myself but I know that it's not directly supported.  What I mean is we don't have any documentation for using TranzPort in Sibelius and we haven't had any direct communication with the folks at Sibelius.  So if there was any kind of functionality in Sibelius it would probably be limited.


Re: Sibelius 6

Go the Input Devices Preferences/Options and next to the Tranzport's MIDI port make sure the selected Input Map is "Frontier Tranzport Native".

It should work then but functionality is *very* limited.  The scroll wheel functions but I think the only buttons that work are rewind, fast forward, stop and play.  Annoyingly, they don't appear to have implemented RTZ anywhere.