Topic: Tranzport and Nuendo

One of the main reasons for me buying Tranzport was to remotely control the main input bu so that I can set my preamp at the "sweet" position and remotely ride the main input bus while recording someone. However when I select either the input or main output bus, the fader levels do not respond but rather affect the last selected track instead.
How can I set this up in Tranzport??? If I can't I will return the unit that otherwise works great.

Re: Tranzport and Nuendo

I found out how by myself. The documentation is really weak...

Re: Tranzport and Nuendo

Hi jnnagel,

Sorry for the delay in response, things have been busy lately and the forums unfortunately were on the backburner.  I'm glad you figured it out.  What app were you using and what did you need to do?