Topic: Is the fader velocity sensitive?

kelp wrote:

I'm using the AlphaTrack in PT M-Powered 7.3 under XP Home using the v1.2 driver. When writing volume automation by riding the fader I notice that if I move the fader back and forth for small adjustments (within 1-2 dB) I sometimes get large spikes in my resulting automation curve -- almost as if I had jerked it up several dB (4 or more) and back. This might imply a sensitivity to velocity. I just go in and delete those spikes to compensate. My system is grounded and the AT is plugged into a motherboard USB port.

Any comments?


CS:Hello Kelp,

No, AlphaTrack isn't velocity sensitive and should move quite smoothly. I'm not sure if ProTools has any MIDI resolution adjustment that could affect this but you can also try performing the calibration routine on your AT. Just press Shift+Stop+F4 and release for a moment.