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Offering a footswitch capability is a great idea, but the Alphatrack documentation does not make it clear what kind of footswitch should be used. So I'd appreciate any available feedback on this, as I'm a bit worried to harm the alphatrack unit if using something inappropriate.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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I'd also like to know what the footswitch input is for.  I'd never used it and today I tried it with a sustain-type footswitch thinking it might trigger recording but alas no luck...and not a thing about it in the manual either.

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There was a thread in this forum a while back about footswitches.

I'm using a simple normally-open switch pedal, works just fine. In your audio app you can select what action to assign to it.

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The footswitch is a standard momentary normally open foot switch with a 1/4" TS connector, typically you would use this to punch in/out during recording but you can assign other functions to it as well.

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PacRec is right, most use it for punching in/out and depending on the DAW you can program it to do other functions.

The AlphaTrack should work with any non-latching (momentary) footswitch (1/4" TS). It can be either a normally-open or a normally-closed switch. If you get a normally-closed footswitch, you'll need to make sure it is plugged into AlphaTrack before you connect AlphaTrack
to the computer (or before you boot up the computer). In other words, a normally-closed footswitch must be already connected in order for the computer to see it. If you get any normally-open footswitch, you can connect it to AlphaTrack any time and just use