Topic: Automation mode slowness

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     Anyway, while we're all waiting for somekind of update that can take the AT out of the aughts and into a new decade...*ahem*'s an issue that needs addressing: The slowness of the AT in toggling Automation modes and the tendancy for it to just get stuck there.  Stck to the point where you have to toggle the tracks to get it to work on the track you're trying to automate.  At this point it's faster with the mouse...which is really depressing.  I'm seeing this in Pro Tools 8.0.1cs1.

Please FDG...fix this thing, eh?

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Re: Automation mode slowness

Hi Gothboy,

I hear you but I think where this left off was that this is a delay that's out of our hands and built into HUI emulation.  As for it getting 'stuck' I'm not sure if we can do something about that but I'll see if that could be addressed when/if the EQ3 situation is resolved.