Topic: alphatrack with logic 8.0.2

hello everyone,

i have problems to get the alphatrack working proper in my logic-setup. maybe someone can help me with it.

i use
- logic 8.0.2
- mac OS X 10.4.11

i installed
- AlphaTrack_OS_X_1_3_0  (in the folder library -> application support -> contents/MIDI device plug-ins)
- AlphaTrack_Logic_1.2

and find
- AlphaTrack Launcher
- Alphatrack Menu
- AlphaTrackDaemon
in the folder MacHD -> library -> application support ->AlphaTrack Assistants

i followed the instructions from the document  "Logic_8_and_AT_v1.1.pdf" for installing and troubleshooting, especially concerning the Control Surfaces “Setup” dialog. i choosed "logic" in the AlphaTrack Manager.

Though rebuilding defaults, deleting the icon and re-launching logic several times, the icon shown in the control surfaces-setup named "alphatrack" remains a generic MIDI-keyboard.
As you see in the steps i described above, none of the "following conditions" (as it is  said in the pdf-documents troubleshooting-chapter) ist "true".

Still my alphatrack doesn´t work as it should.
The fader-position is not linked to the automation-curve in logic, but jumps to the lower end of the scale after a few seconds, without recognizeable reasons.
The track selection (with the buttons > and <) does not work at all.
On the other hand e.g. panning works well, the transport keys are fine.

i checked the parameters in the setup and controller windows but can not find out what is wrong.

Has anyone an idea what to do?

Thanks for your help.

Re: alphatrack with logic 8.0.2

Hi tonkind,

The generic keyboard is actually not a problem (the manual should be edited to say so).  However, the newest AlphaTrack plug-in available on our website (v1.2) does have a proper AlphaTrack icon.

I'm not sure why the track left and right buttons wouldn't work.  You can download midimonitor from to monitor the midi utput of your AlphaTrack and confirm that the buttons are actually working.

I'd email to find out more about the automation issue and maybe the track left and track right buttons (after you try midi monitor) and include a screenshot of the Logic setup window and maybe a screenshot of your current project it may help out some.

I'd also try opening a new project and see if you get the same odd behavior.