Topic: AT not recognized in Cubase 5 on the Mac

I recently installed Cubase 5 on my Mac (OSX Leopard) and intend to use AT with it. I installed the most recent driver and when AT was connected the Track Manager showed up, which I have set to 'native'. I also checked the Audio/Midi configuration. I installed the AlphaTrackCN.bundle in the Components folder in my Library (I could not find any other components folder)
In Cubase 5 however the AT does not show up in the device setup, no matter how often I hit the + sign> there is a standard list with other controllers and I can connect the midi in- and output to the Frontier Alpha Track (so these drivers are found) but no way to get the AT into that list or running. This has cost me a saturday evening and has left me without result but with bad temper...
On my windows machine with Audition it took less than five minutes to get the AT running.... So does anybody know the trick here???

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Re: AT not recognized in Cubase 5 on the Mac

Hi borisradio,

I think I answered your email regarding this question.  I think it was just a misplaced AlphaTrack plug-in.  You need to go to the Applications folder and CTRL+click on the Cubase icon then go to 'show package contents' then click on 'contents' and there should be a 'components' folder in there and that's where the plug-in should go.  Then the AlphaTrack will show up in the device list.