Topic: Cubase5 64bit WIndows 7 no Tranzport

I can't run tranzport any longer i use Windows 7 and Cubase 5. Cubase finds Tranzport in the device menu... but Tranzport itself wont work. Any clues?

Thanx in advance

Re: Cubase5 64bit WIndows 7 no Tranzport

Have you set your control mode (Tranzport  on the Taskbar to
Cubase - Mackie? I have the same setup and had the same Problem at first.


Re: Cubase5 64bit WIndows 7 no Tranzport

Hi Bosse,

With Cubase 5 you should be able to use 'Native' mode in the TranzPort taskbar icon.  If you're able to select TranzPort in cubase's device menu then that means you have the TranzPort plug-in in the proper Cubase folder (and should also use native mode in the taskmanager).  Then it comes down to making sure you have the latest drivers.  When you install the latest drivers make sure that the USB transceiver is unplugged.  Then go to and click on products/TranzPort/downloads and you should be directed to a page where you can download the latest drivers.  Also make sure that in Cubase's device menu that the midi input and the midi output are both set to 'TranzPort'.