Topic: Alpahtrack and Track follow ProTools

Henchman wrote:

Ok, how can I get the track I seelct in Pro-Tools to come up on the Alphatrack?
Pro-Tools 7.2 on a Mac here.

CS:Hello Henchman,

In earlier versions of PT you could just CTRL+Click on a track with the mouse and PT would move the external control focus there as well. In recent versions of ProTools however, Digidesign has changed this feature to 'Shift+CTRL+Click', or 'Shift+right-click'. Hope that helps.

Kelp wrote:

Wow. I spaced on your instructions for some reason and was left-clicking. Yes. Shift-Right-Click works for PT 7.3 on a PC! Henchman's issue was PT 7.2 on a Mac... Henchman, any luck?

Henchman wrote:

No luck so far. But doing the "scroll to view".
Now, I'm wondering if it's becaseu they ahve a  programmable Kensington mouse hooked up, and that soemhow is interfering with proper workflow.
I'll try and get hold of a regular Apple mouse.