Topic: Finally, is there a solution for the dreadful ground issue?

I am writing this because I am totally frustrated by this issue.

I have bought two Alphatracks and I use them in my studio. I love the way they work.

However one of the main reasons I got Alphatrack in the first place was that it is portable and I would be able to use it anywhere...



When you use Alphatrack in a place where there is no proper grounding, it simply does not work.
I just mention the symptoms briefly as they have been mentioned here a hundred times: The display starts flickering, the fader does not move smoothly and it is jerky, playback in your DAW stutters because of false midi data sent from AT, the three knobs are useless as well.

I feel like I have been betrayed as a customer. IF this device was known to work only with grounded systems then there should be a BIG sticker on the box saying something like"WARNING: To use this device your Computer should be GROUNDED PROPERLY".

There is no way to guess if there is proper grounding everywhere you go.

My Alphatracks have been rendered useless countless times when I am out of my studio and I am fed up on it.

So, please, if there is a way to STOP this on DESKTOP systems (not laptop when you would advise to unplug the power which is unacceptable solution anyway) let us know. Give us some steps.
This problem is spread around the internet and still one year after I bought the device I have got no satisfactory workaround for that.

Please help your users.

Take care,


Re: Finally, is there a solution for the dreadful ground issue?

I downloaded the following from the "SOS" Mag AT review,

"I also discovered an issue that can apparently occur with some laptops and peripherals that are in a system with no ground connection. Initially I found that the display flickered between three control messages whenever I touched one of the three knobs, but unplugging my external hard drive and running the laptop from battery power cured it instantly. It seems that a lot of electrical noise is generated from ungrounded PSU-driven systems, and this can confuse the touch sensors on the knobs. Connecting a piece of grounded equipment to the system also cured the flickering, so it's not a huge issue as long as you're aware of the solution. Sometimes just connecting an Ethernet cable that goes to a network or another computer will cure it as well."