Topic: Alphatrack not responsive in Logic Pro 9

I've been using my AT with Protools for a while now, just picked up Logic Pro 9 and can't get the thing to work at all. I've un-installed and re-installed the driver and have no luck. I'm running a Macbook Pro with OS 10.5.8
Any thoughts?

Re: Alphatrack not responsive in Logic Pro 9

The first thing is that the Uninstall doesn't remove ALL the software from Logic, you have to go... Preffs, Control Surfs, Setup, view, as list, and then delete , then in the finder, search for in the Logic Folder,"MIDI device Plugins" and remove the Bundle.

When its installed properly you should see an AT icon on the setup page, the "bundle" in the MiDI device Plugins folder and when the AT is plugged in, the task manager at the top of the screen.

It's taken me months to get AT working properly, I still get 2 annoying flags when AT isn't plugged in.

I have other bits of hardware working straight out of the box, I feel that the manual needs bringing up to the quality of the hardware. 

It's a great piece of kit  though...

Re: Alphatrack not responsive in Logic Pro 9

Hi Bob,

You'll get this message from Logic any time that there is a device in Logic/Preferences/Control Surfaces/Setup window.  If a device appears in that window and launches without that device plugged in you'll get that message.  If you delete the device's icon (no worries, it gets recreated once Logic is launched with the device plugged in) and then relaunch Logic you shouldn't get that message.