Topic: MIDI Driver not found under Logic9 Snow Leopard

Hi, I've been using my Alphatrack (great device under my opiniion) with no problems since I bought it back in august. Then, I made a clean install of Snow Leopard and Logic 9, used Alphatrack for a day, and then, today, when I plugged my AKAI MPK25 keyboard, I got the following message from Logic:

"Device "Alphatrack" is asigned to MIDI Port Alphatrack which is not present.

Please, ensure that all MIDI interfaces are connected and switched on. If this is the case, please check the MIDI port setting of device "Alphatrack". If this is correct, ckick "Reset all MIDI drivers" in Preferences>MIDI>General."

Tried what says in the message, and uninstalled and reinstalled Alphatrack's driver and Logic Alphatrack Bundle, but the problem persists.

I also have another M-audio mk-449c MIDI Keyboard. I´ve been using the Alphatrack with these keyboards before without a problem, so I don´t know what happens now. I had this exact message with the same configuration but, instead of the Alphtrack, a presonus faderport I had before, so I don´t think is a Logic9 or Snow Leopard issue. I couldn't solve it, just gave back the faderport to the shop. This time I won't do this.

Please, any help will be very much appreciated. My specs:

Mac Pro 8 cores, 6 GB RAM. Logic 9.0.2, OSX 10.6.2, Alphatrack, AKAI MPK25, M-Audio MK-449C, M-Audio Firewire 410.

Thanks so much in advance

Re: MIDI Driver not found under Logic9 Snow Leopard

Ok, solved. When I reinstalled the driver,I forgot to delete the Alphatrack on the control surfaces menu in Logic. Once I deleted it, reinstalled the driver and everything is working fine. See you!