Topic: AT-Cubase 5.1-play, stop, record Play a sound


I'm using a Mac Pro, OS X 10.6.1, 12 gig memory

AT seems to be working well for me.  However, when I press Record, Play Stop, Well, I just checked it again, and actually any of the buttons on the AT, I hear sounds in various registers on the channel I have selected.  This happens on a single VST instrument, as well as on each channel of a Multi-Out VST.  Maybe it has to do with some setting in Cubase.  I don't know where to look, but I'll see if I can find something.

Anyone know about this?



Re: AT-Cubase 5.1-play, stop, record Play a sound

Duh!  I just answered my own question!  I had ALL MIDI inputs selected!  I switched to my controller keyboard for the only input, and things are fine now!