Topic: DP7 new Range Automation Modes

AlphaTrack on (new) DP7 under OS X 10.6.1 seems to be working fine. DP7 has added 4 great new Range Automation modes. Can these be added to the DP software?


Re: DP7 new Range Automation Modes

Hi frankf,

If DP has these modes available for a control surface to "see" then the AlphaTrack should at least be able to select these automation modes but I'm unsure as to how well integrated it is since we don't have a version of DP7 here to test with. Does the AlphaTrack recognize these 4 modes when you press the Automation button on the AlphaTrack?


Re: DP7 new Range Automation Modes

Sorry it took so long to reply, I haven't checked in here for a while. In DP7, when pushing the automation button on Alphatrack, the new modes are not recognized.