Topic: Tranzport & Sonar 7 with multiple MIDI devices

Eschatologist wrote:

Hello! I'm having a slight issue with Tranzport and Sonar 7. On its own, Tranzport works perfectly. But when I have either my Korg padKontrol or MAudio Axiom connected, I no longer get display data sent to the Tranzport. It seems to be able to continue sending controls to Sonar, but nothing shows up on display screen and no lights come on. Any ideas how to solve this? Otherwise, Tranzport works AMAZING! Thanks for the help!

Eschatologist wrote:

Nevermind guys, was a matter of more carefully labeling MIDI ports, then resetting the controller properties back to the Tranzport. Just laid down a new set of vocals, man does this thing ever speed up progress!

CS:Thanks for the good words.