Topic: Controlling MIDI CC with Alphatrack


We've just installed the Alphatrack in our studio and it works fine running with Logic 8.

There is one question we have - is it possible to use the Alphatrack to control basic MIDI commands on a MIDI track (e.g. pitch bend/modulation etc.), in the same way you could use the pitch bend wheel on a MIDI keyboard?

The reason I ask is we have another Mac running a set of virtual instruments - MIDI data is sent from a MIDI track in Logic to this Mac, and the audio routed back to Logic.  So, for example, if we want to control the LFO rate of a virtual instrument, and we know it is controlled by MIDI CC 64, we would like to set a knob on the Alphatrack to control MIDI CC 64 and be able to record the automation on our MIDI track in Logic.

I know this would probably require a lot of work in Logic's own controller/environment set up, but before I jump into that complicated world I wanted to check that it is actually possible.



Re: Controlling MIDI CC with Alphatrack

Hi humuk,

You can't do CC with the AlphaTrack.  I'm not sure if this is possible in your case as you described, but if Logic has these virtual instruments as plug-ins in a project, the AlphaTrack should be able to access each plug-in's parameters by pressing the plug-in mode button on the AlphaTrack and you should be able to page through the parameters until you find the desired parameter, (in your case LFO rate) and then you can even flip that to the fader if you like and control the LFO rate with your fader.