Topic: Fader stuttering and pan resolution

I am using Logic 9 with 10.5.7 and was using my alphatrack successfully until a couple of weeks ago. I now get some rather strange behaivour.

When I touch the fader or encoders the display flickers rather than settling on the correct setting to display

The fader moves in a very jerky fashion - it 'sticks' as you are moving it up and down. It is impossible to make fine adjustments

The pan encoder only moves pan in increments of 4 units.

I have tried rebuilding defaults, reinstalling the plugin, checking it's the only one on my computer, deleting the icon from the controller preferences, restarting logic, repairing permissions etc

No matter how many times I reinstall the plugin it only shows up as a keyboard icon in the controller prefs.

The same thing happens when I try in Live.

I'm on Firmware 1.02 alphatrack manager is 1.3

any ideas?

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Re: Fader stuttering and pan resolution

Hi dashbad,

The AlphaTrack's icon showing up as a generic midi icon isn't a problem.  But the flickering display sounds like it may be a noise/ground issue.  You may want to make sure you're setup is properly grounded. You can also try recalibrating your AlphaTrack to see if that helps (shift+stop+f4).


Re: Fader stuttering and pan resolution

Awesome, I had the same problem en grounding helped!