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Hi, Ive browsed the posts here, forgive me if Ive missed it...

Is there a way to setup the Alphatrack to use your favourite EQ plugin rather than the default?

Im using Cubase 5.

Ideally, Id like to set a VST EQ insert in slot 1 of every track and have the Alphatrack access that rather than the default Cubase EQ.



Re: custom EQ for Cubase

Hi Scott,

You should be able to access this EQ insert by using the Plug-In mode button on the AlphaTrack and navigating to your insert and access the parameters through the Plug-In mode as opposed to the EQ mode.

For more information on how to do this you can check page 4 and 5 of the following document: … v1.0.4.pdf


Re: custom EQ for Cubase

Hi, thanks for that! it works, but I noticed a small problem.

If a plugin has 'notched' settings, like the attack ratio of a compressor, or notched EQ bands - the AT wont switch the parameters at all.

If the setting is continous; like release time on a compressor for example, the parameters change just fine.

Is this something that might be fixed in an update perhaps?

Thanks again,


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