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Just tried installing the 64-bit drivers (XP/Vista) on Win 7.  It seems to load okay... but every time I try to shut down, a blue screen error message & memory dump occurs.  If I remove all the Wave Center drivers, the problem disappears.  HELP!!!!!!

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After reading through other forums, I think it is the Taskbar program that's causing the problem.  If you prevent it from loading on the reboot after loading the drivers, the problem ceases.  You'll have to go to MSCONFIG (type it into the 'Search programs & files bar' in "Start") and remove the WCPCI Tray from the 'Startup' tab.

Now I have to check to see if there is any functionality on the soundcard...

(Time passing...............)

THERE IS!!!!! And on reboot... no bluescreen!!!!! Now let's try loading Sonar 8... fingers crossed!

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Mandremo, did you ever get the WaveCenter PCI card working correctly with 64-bit Windows 7?  Or does it still blue-screen when you try to shut down?

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It's been working and stable since my post.  Are you using Sonar?  The only problem I'm having (and this may not have anything to do with the Wave Center) is that certain video & audio  files that should import into Sonar... don't.  I have to change the format of the files to get them to work.

Good luck! 


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Annabelle... yes it is working on my Win7 64-bit machine sans the blue screen when you shut down.  The problem is somewhere in the WCPCI tray app.  If you prevent it from loading, the card works great (see the instructions in my post dated 2009-07-15).  If you need to make adjustments in your Wave card settings, you can load the program by typing "wave" in the search bar (click Start button and type in 'wave' it will pop up in the results).  Doing this doesn't cause the blue screen to occur.  Hope this helps!  Michael