Topic: Any plans for 24/96 recording?

I purchased my Dakota/Montana card set years ago for a project in which I needed to sync to an ADAT HD24/96, and broadcast video decks as well as send MIDI signals to control outboard gear. It was rock solid and allowed me to complete my project and impress my clients. After completion it ended up sitting on the shelf as my main work is film and video. I recently built a smoking hot 64bit PC running Vista 64 Ultimate and needed standard MIDI IO. I remembered the Dakota/Montana. So I dusted of old faithful and low and behold I find a 64bit Dakota driver on your web site.  I plugged her in and as before works like a charm. But then I also remembered 24/48 resolution. Is there any plan for 24/96 recording by way of a driver update or an upgrade path to a comparable hardware set to achieve higher sample rates?

Re: Any plans for 24/96 recording?

Hi Michael,

sorry, I totally understand your request but no plans for 96k rates on the horizon. The Dakota has been a great product for many years but we have been winding it down since we stopped production last year.