Topic: Alpha wont control Sonar 6 EQ

Anybody having any trouble with Alpha not being able to control Sonar 6 EQ parameters. Everything is enabled and all other functions are working just fine. The Alpha will read mouse changes to EQ but will not send changes to Sonar. The encoders will show current values.
Any suggestions

Re: Alpha wont control Sonar 6 EQ

Hello Angrychair, (can chairs be angry?)

Can you tell us whether or not you are using the most recent driver and Sonar Plug-In (can be installed as part of driver update) from our downloads page? Driver v1.2 is the current version.

Does this involve the track EQ, or either of the supported plug-in EQ's as well?

This should all work correctly so I'm guessing there is just something off kilter somewhere.


Re: Alpha wont control Sonar 6 EQ

Chairs can be very angry

I did download latest drivers from Frontier and still no luck. This is only happening in Track Eq, any plugin Eq is fine when selected. I believe the latest driver was installed, cuz in the desktop icon it shows Alpha native, pro tools, and now there is Live. When Alpha boots it still shows version 1.04. I installed 1.2 and clicked on Sonar plug in.



Re: Alpha wont control Sonar 6 EQ

I'm experiencing the same problem on the track EQ in Sonar 6, the Alphatrack is unable to control the Frequence/Gain/Q parameters in the EQ mode (but it displays its correct values). When flipping encoder to the fader, it moves to the down position (as if its value would be 0). Band select/Filter Type/Band Enable are working fine.

Windows XP Pro
Cakewalk Sonar v6.2.1
Alphatrack windows driver v1.2
Alphatrack Sonar plugin v1.04

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Re: Alpha wont control Sonar 6 EQ

Are you using Sonar Producer or Sonar Studio?

If you are using Sonar Studio, that is the reason for the malfunction. Version 6 of Studio was the first one where Cakewalk unlocked the built in channel EQ feature, but they forgot to unlock external control access for it.

There are several solutions.

The Producer editions do not suffer from this problem, nor do versions 7 and 8 of Studio edition. If you were thinking of upgrading anyway, this might be the motivation to do it.

If you don't want to upgrade, the folks at Frontier were kind enough to develop a special version of their Sonar plug-in that was able to go around the lock when this happened to me and others a couple years ago. They might be able to locate a copy of that and send it to you.

In another thread, one of you guys mentioned the Send post/pre issue. That was also due to a bug in Studio. There isn't a work around for that. You'll have to upgrade your Sonar if you want that one to be resolved.

Re: Alpha wont control Sonar 6 EQ

Thanks for the input Paul. Forgot all about that one. Yes, you are correct, the Studio 6 version was short a few things. I'll try to find that special version if it applies.



Re: Alpha wont control Sonar 6 EQ

Thanks for clearing this up! I'm indeed using Sonar 6 Studio, and have been considering upgrading to Sonar 8 Studio, so maybe I'm going to do that anyway.