Topic: trouble with track name display in Logic 8.0.2

I love this thing! Then only problem I have is that the track name display gets stuck on one track and sometimes won't display other track names.  I can still use it to work on whatever track I have selected, but the track name will be wrong.  At first I thought it was just choking on software instruments, but it happens with audio tracks too.  Anyone else have this problem?  Anyone have a solution?  Thanks!

(Powerbook G4, 1.67 GHz, 1.5 G RAMM, Presonus Firebox)

Re: trouble with track name display in Logic 8.0.2

Hi ndrobinson,

currently the only track changing issue that we are aware of is if you have a multi-channel VSTi track. AlphaTrack isn't able to recognize that the multiple outputs are all from the same track/instrument if you use the AT to change tracks. The result is that the name gets shifted once you go past it. Currently the best thing to do is put the VSTi track last, or use the mouse to select the track. We're looking in to it but it is a bit sticky in the Logic control code.