Topic: Bug: EQ button doesn't work with PT8

The eq button never finds the EQ 3 plugin in protools when it is activated on INS c.

The plugin mode however does find the EQ 3 plugin in Ins c.

System: OSX, PT8,Alphatrack.

Re: Bug: EQ button doesn't work with PT8

Hello Jimsimonz,

this is true and will have to be fixed with a driver update in the near future. It is due to the fact that Digidesign has changed the name of the EQ, which is how we have to recognize it in that mode. In Plug-In mode we don't care what the name is so it shows up there ok.

There may be a couple other tweaks that will need to be made for PT8 as well. Let us know if you see any other behavior that doesn't match the user guide.

Note - the newly added insert and sends (F - J) are not going to be accessible from the AT because they are outside of the HUI spec.