Topic: HELP???icon dissapeared and can't get it back

I had everything working but now after trying to get rid of a problem program A/T icon won't appear on the upper rt hand menu bar.
I've gone to the instruction manual but it mentions a disc(cd I'm assuming)to load. I bought this 2'nd hand and the first owner said that no disc came with the unit and doing the first hookup I followed the instructions and downloaded the drivers and and plug-ins and got it working well.
Can this be fixed without a disc and if so HOW?

Mac OX10.4.11 G5 dual 1.8cpu 3g ram. Logic express/ cubase.

Re: HELP???icon dissapeared and can't get it back

Hello Mike,

No problem on the missing CD. Just go to our website downloads page ( and grab the latest driver installer there.

I would begin by first repairing permissions on your computer. Particularly if you were just wrangling with another app. Its easy to do and may help other issues as well.

After that disconnect the AlphaTrack and run the latest installer. That will probably get you back in business but let us know if not.


Re: HELP???icon dissapeared and can't get it back

Central Scrutinizer.
Thanks. It's up and running.