Topic: New Drivers For Sonar Home Stuido 4 XL?

Okay. So, I just purchased my Alphatrack, and am Currently using Sonar Home Studio version 4 XL as my main recording DAW. But, I failed to read that it is tested to work in only Versions Sonar 6+. Is there any other plugins I am unaware of that allows my alphatrack to be fully functional in my version of Sonar? If not, is there any plans to do so in the future?

Re: New Drivers For Sonar Home Stuido 4 XL?

Hi there Dman,

Not to worry, the AlphaTrack will work with Sonar 4. If the HS4XL version supports external controllers like the Studio and Producer versions do than you should be ok. Actually I think it will also work with Sonar 3. Its just that some of the features available in Sonar 6 and later, like ACT, scrubbing, and a few other things aren't included in the earlier versions. Use the setup instructions just like in for Sonar 6 but just be aware that there may be a few functional differences.

Make sure you have any updates from Cakewalk installed to!


Re: New Drivers For Sonar Home Stuido 4 XL?

Thank you. I really appreciate the quick response!