Topic: Tranzport not working now with OSX 10.4.11

kenlabrie wrote:

I have had the TranzPort for some time now and it has worked on all 3 macs without problems.  However, now the TranZport will not work on my G5 since I updated the system software to 10.4.11.  On my other 2 macs, it still works fine.
Here's the breakdown:
G5:  OS 10.4.11   Tranzport Version 1.4.2,   Itunes: 7.6.2  Performer 5.0 bundle version 1.04.  Neither iTunes or Performer will work and the Frontier Manger says TranzPort not available.  Also, the lights on both the USB receiver and the TranzPort are lit continuously.  Also the Manager Menu disappears as soon as I try to reinitialize it.  I've de-installed and re-installed both the TranzPort software and the Performer driver two times.  Still nothing works.  Both G4 powrbooks run everything fine.  One uses the old 10.3.9 and the newest one is using 10.4.9 OS and TranzPort version 1.3.0 and Performer plug in bundle 1.04.  Can anyone help me with this?

CS:Hello Ken,

The TranzPort should be fine with OS10.4.11. Since you just updated the OS though I would begin by repairing permissions on that machine. The fact that your Link LED's are lit but the Manager says 'Not Available' seems like file troubles. Disconnect the TranzPort and run the "Tranzport Remover", then go to Applications/Utilities/Disk Utilities, select your system drive and 'Repair Permissions'. After a restart run the "TranzPort Installer" again and then reconnect.

Let us know how you make out.

kenlabrie wrote:

Hey, it's been a bit cause a drive crashed on me and I had to deal with that first.  I followed your directions and it's back working fine again.  Fixing the permissions did the trick!  Thanks for the great advice.