Topic: Cannot move track selection past 1st Logic 8 Instrument

Hi there,

I'm running Logic 8 and having powered the AT up for the first time, with the correct logic updates and drivers, in my personalized logic environment & arrange / hyper page screensets - I am unable to cycle through my tracks correctly.

The first track in my autoload is an instrument that is multi output. When attempting to select tracks from the second instrument on my channel list the AT will move through inst. 1's 1-16 tracks and then go back to the 2nd track of itself, as opposed to moving control to the 2nd inst.

When I manually click the arrange page track/instrument to make the AT take control it randomly moves control to one of Instrument 1's 1-16 tracks.

What I have noticed, having followed all of the AUDIO/MIDI setup instructions including self calibration , is that the AT is recognizing if i click on a track, the number of physical tracks in the arrange page corresponds on the AT to the layout of the mixer :

i.e physical tracks 1-16 are a combination of audio / midi / rewire channels ; 17 - 32 audio tracks etc

the AT will display the multi-out instrument on physical tracks 1 -16 and 17 onwards displays the 2nd multi-out instrument and so on and so on.

This will only happen on the display however - the highlighted track on the arrange page doesn't change and appears only partially highlighted and doesn't seem to correspond at all to what I am selecting on the AT.

Any ideas ?



Re: Cannot move track selection past 1st Logic 8 Instrument

Hello Kriss,

we'll have to take a look at this one, but it may be the "multi-output" thing that is confusing it. I suspect that the AT, via Apple's external control code, doesn't fully understand how to map multi-output devices while keeping the channel (track) count in alignment.  I'll bet it stays synced if you load a project without the instrument in question, or if that instrument is last.


Re: Cannot move track selection past 1st Logic 8 Instrument

Hi CS,

you are right - it does seem to be the multi-output that is confusing it - I have tried another template designed for foley - mainly using audio channels etc, and it is when the AT is cycled to the multi-out instrument situated further down the track list that it has issues.

My dilemma is, as I would imagine this is the case for many Logic users, that my music production is centered quite a lot around drum programming and some multi-out software like Battery, the ADM, BFD - and pretty much any software drum machine including the on board Ultrabeat AND ESX24 - which is going to make using the AT quite difficult - there are a multitude of instruments I use that allow for multiple outputs.

Any suggestions to help matters along are welcome :)

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Re: Cannot move track selection past 1st Logic 8 Instrument

Thanks for checking that out. This could be a sticky wicket but we'll have to look at it to see what Apple's external control code supports.

Hopefully we can do something about it.


Re: Cannot move track selection past 1st Logic 8 Instrument

Just to confirm that I've had the same problem with controlling multi-timbral instruments in Logic, so it would be good if there was a solution.  Handling instruments like Kontakt and Battery seems to me to be one area where Cubase does much better (and works better with AT).


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