Topic: Problems in Reason 2.55

I am having two problems with setting up alphatrack with Reason 2.55.

The first is when I use the transport bar (at the bottom) of the alphatrack.  Instead of advancing the measures it is having a zoom/shrink effect.  I have opened navigator and made sure it has the focus but has the same effect.  I am sure it is end user error...

Secondly how do you assign the AlphaTrack shortcut to the keyboard shortcut.  The available documentation from AlphaTrack is for version 2.0 and doesn't follow.  I create a new shortcut but I don't see an action area anywhere that is referred to in the documentation.

I am sure both r/t to me being a NEWB, but we all have to be sometimes...  thanks for any assitance

Re: Problems in Reason 2.55

Hello Acousticplayer,

AlphaTrack requires at least Reason 3.04 to work properly. You can fine the setup doc on our website at: … aTrack.pdf

I'm not certain what kind of performance you might get with earlier versions.