Topic: GarageBand Plug-in BETA

CharlieH wrote:

Dear GarageBand Users,

This thread is for anyone and everyone who is trying the PUBLIC BETA version of the GarageBand plug-in. Please report bugs and request features here. We'll review all postings.

To use the BETA plug-in, you should go to the AlphaTrack Downloads page and get:
    * the AlphaTrack Mac v1.3 driver: Install this first. It includes a new, slightly modified, Native control protocol called, simply, "Logic."
    * the AlphaTrack GarageBand Plug-in BETA
    * the AlphaTrack GarageBand Guide, which describes how to install the Logic plug-in
    * the AlphaTrack GarageBand Layout doc, a one-page summary of the plug-in



Drjenney wrote:

Can I assume these plug-ins should be placed in "Library>Audio>Plug-Ins>Components" and not somewhere else? The downloads do not automatically install themselves in the correct place(s).

CS:Hello drjenney,

Actually no, the plug-in goes into the application itself. The first section of the GarageBand Guide ( … T_v1.0.pdf) referenced above, will give you the details on setting up and using AlphaTrack with GarageBand.

Check it out and let us know if you have any difficulty.


Drjenney wrote:


Found the instructions and installed it as recommended. No problems!

Dr. J