Topic: Alpha track support for melodyne.

micric wrote:

Hi, I've just joined the forum having just got an Alphatrack and am now crawling up the learning curve(it's not too steep). I'm using it with Cubase Essential & Reason. Are there any plans or possibility of future support for melodyne cr8 & studio?

CharlieH wrote:

Good question. This remains an open issue with Celemony. A while ago we were in touch with them about providing TranzPort support. They seemed interested and we provided them a unit for development, but nothing ever came of it. We would love to see both AlphaTrack and TranzPort support in Melodyne, but we can't do it ourselves ... they need to write that code.

Feel free to let them know (politely) how great it would be to use an AlphaTrack with their product.  :-)