Topic: troubleshouting with alphatrack and mac OS 10.3.9

bedonraoul wrote:

I've just buy an Alphatrack for my recording studio.
I've try it on a PC, and it works perfectly. But I want to use it with Pro tools 6.4 on a G4 800 MHz, with OS 10.3.9, and it doesn't work at all. I've done the instal procedure 10 times, with 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 drivers...and the Alphatrack is still not recognized by the Mac...
In the Alphatrack Manager, the message " Alphatrack not available" is displayed.
I've updated the Mac, I've changed the USB slot, and I've bouth an USB 2.0 card (IDE) to be sure ... nothing happen...
When I plug the Alphatrack, the LCD display switch on, the text "Alphatrack" appears...and disappears...the screen stays in blue (sic)...and nothing happens...

Is there anyone who can help me please ?


CS:Hello bedonraoul,

I'm sure we can help. If the unit is working ok on the PC then it should work on the Mac as well. There are a few of things that you can check here, all Mac OS related issues. Specifically, start with the "BSD Subsystem". If you did a custom install of OS 10.3.9 and didn't select to install the BSD Subsystem then you will need to go back and add that piece. Without it your Mac won't see the AlphaTrack, just as you describe. If you did/do a full install of 10.3.9 then it should be there already.

If that is in place and you still don't see the ALphaTrack then try repairing permissions. This is another routine Mac thing that is good to do occasionally anyway. Open the Disk Utilities application, select your hadrdrive, and then select "Repair Permissions" It may take a couple minutes to run.

Finally, open your Mac Audio/MIDI Setup panel and check the MIDI page. Create a 'New Configuration' and check it again.

I suspect that one of these things will solve your problem but let us know how you make out regardless.