Topic: How to zoom in/out in N4 with AT?

Sunshy wrote:

I was just playing with AT today on my laptop (with N4) to get accustomed to working with it. At one point, the Touch Strip was "zooming in" when I moved my finger right and "zooming out" when I moved my finger left (like clicking on the timeline with a mouse & moving the cursor up or down). This threw me off as the manual says it should jog/shuttle/scrub. Later today, when I was playing with it, I could not recreate this. Was this just a strange occurrence or is this a feature I can access somehow?! I didn't alter the default AT settings in the setup dialog box. I couldn't find anything in the manuals.

CS:Hello Sunshy,

Well that is strange indeed. I can only guess the the Zooming action may have been linked to some other setting/function that was set with the mouse or keyboard. A combined effect thing. If you figure it out be sure to let us know.


Sunshy wrote:

Well, now I think I can recreate it:

Push Shift so it locks into place. Now audible scrub/shuttle is turned on for me.

Now, the manual says that "tapping the ends for marker navigation is disabled." This is true. But I get the function of zooming in/out horizontally when I tap right/left respectively.

This is kind of weird, but now I press both end of the touch strip at the same time (and sometimes I need to move my fingers across the strip). I don't know what this does, but it seems to turn something on.

Now I press shift again so it is disabled. At this point, tapping the ends of the strip works as advertised (move next/previous marker). But when I move a finger from left/right or right/left on the strip I get the function of zooming in/out horizontally (instead of the silent jog).

To disable this and go back to the normal silent jog, I simple press shift to enable it, press play, audible jog back and forth, and press shift again to disable. Now the strip works again as advertised.

I know this is a mess, but I'll keep trying to make a more refined repro. Also, I'll try to put a video up of it working. Neat easter egg!

Sunshy wrote:

OK, I posted a video here:

I hope this is clear enough. I'd like to be able to control this feature more!

CS:Thanks for posting the video. We'll take a look at it Sunshy. But I can't guaranty that we can control it though. It may be an artifact within Steinberg's code but we'll see.

Sunshy wrote:

Cool no? I can send you my preferences/key command preset if you want. I can't wait to get another alphatrack for work!