Topic: Crash Bluescreen Cubase 4.1.3

herbertg wrote:


with my new Audio-PC Motherboard GA-EP35-DS4 with a Intel Core2Quad Q9300 Ram 4GB WinXP (SP2), after I intalled TranzportDriver 1.4.4 (or 1.4.1) and I start Cubase 4.1.3 come a blue screen Stop 0x0000000a  (0xE33BA000, 0x00000002, 0x00000001).

What can I do, or supported Tranzport 1.4.1 or 1.4.4 not a Core2QuadCPU?

Thanks for help, sorry my english is not so good.


CS:Hello Herbert,

we are not currently aware of any conflicts between your computer configuration and TranzPort, however they are a few things you can try.

First, if TranzPort is physically connected, but removed from the Cubase Device Setup, does Cubase run ok then? (do you only get the blue screen when Cubase trys to use the TranzPort?).

Is TranzPort set to 'Native' mode to be compatible with Cubase?

Is TranzPort connected directly to the computer or via a USB hub? If a hub it should be self-powered. If direct, try a different port.

If you are still having difficulty let us know any further details you can think of and we'll try to help.


herbertg wrote:


My fault.

Unfortunately, have forgotten oneself at the icon on "native" to puts in the task bar. After the installation mode stood on Cubase (Mackie).

Native Mode set Tranzport in this, since then I no more faults appear.

Many thanks for the help

Kind greetings