Topic: Feature request for AT in Pro tools

ColonyRecords wrote:


I just purchased AT and love it so far but I have a few requests that maybe can be implemented in a future update.

I love the fact that we can open a plug ins window using STOP + Plugin but I would love to also be able to close the plugin's window without having to stop the transport ( by pressing Stop + plugin again). How about instead of STOP + Plugin we press the Plugin button once or twice to close the window, that way the transport doesn't stop and we have a more seamless workflow.

Also I would love to be able to set the tempo of the session from this thing, that would be great.

Also the knobs are kinda hard to turn, would be nice to have the FLIP feature in plugin mode so I could use the fader to make changes to plugin parameters.

CS:Hello Colonyrecords,

all good suggestions for sure, and we'll put them on the review list. The biggest road block to making the types of subtle changes like these is the fact that we are limited to the HUI protocol in ProTools. Until Digidesign opens up a broader external control method, like most other apps, we are forced to make compromises in functionality in order to stay with in the bounds of the HUI spec. Sometimes we can 'fudge' a little code and sneak an extra trick out, but its getting harder to find them.

Very glad to hear the ALphaTrack is working well for you otherwise.

ColonyRecords wrote:

will Alpha track support Pro tools 8 at its launch or will it be a sit and wait for updated drivers for a couple of months thing?

Great product guys, anyone on the fence about buying an Alphatrack I definitely recommend it.

CS:As far as we know, because all 3rd party controllers use HUI spec, the AlphaTrack should work ok with PT8. Whether or not the feature set in PT8 is the same we will just have to wait and see.