Central Scrutinizer wrote:

Hi Goukhon,

Unfortunately you won't be able to use the Wavecenter in Windows 7.  There aren't any Win7 drivers for the Wavecenter.



  How come the Wave center is working with other apps in Win 7
like Sonar 8, Soundforge 10, gigastudio orchestra ??

  The one that doesn´t seem to recognize the card (drivers)is Cubase 5.1

  Sorry, but all the rest work with the wave center 32 bit drivers
in Win 7

Any particular solution for cubase 5.1??

Are there gonna be any Win7 drivers for the Wavecenter??.



Hi to all.
I´m having trouble with cubase 5.1.. Not sound at all :-(

I ran both apps: the asio direct full duplex and the other for
low latency. It recognizes the drivers. But no sound  :-(

Any help ?