Hello and thank you for your response.

I understand the issue, and I have a suggestion.  I just don't know how to implement such a thing.

First, a question:  Does the issue cause the crash if the Tranzport "dongle cable" is plugged in but the driver is disabled/removed?

I can test this if you don't know the answer.

Here's my thinking:  If the answer to my question above is "yes," then maybe we can prevent the problem by unloading the driver or disabling a "service" just prior to shutdown.  Maybe that can prevent the crash from occurring?

I'm not handy with scripts, but maybe somebody could write one to make a call to the applet "safely remove hardware"; or maybe issue a command to unload/disable any necessary processes or services.  The Tranzport process/thread/service would most likely have some sort of specific name that could be called out, yes?

After killing the Tranzport process, the script could maybe call the Windows shutdown/sleep function?

Edit:  And I "think" the next startup of Windows would normally start the processes, so that the Tranzport could be used in the next Windows session.

It would be interesting to see if this could be done, even if it were a user-created thing.


I am running the 1.4.4 Tranzport driver in Vista 64 bit.  It works wonderfully and allows me to control my Cubase 5 DAW while I'm not sitting in the cockpit; I love it!

I am aware of the issues related to this driver release where one can have problems when changing the power state of the DAW; say sleeping, hibernating, and/or merely shutting down.  And yes, I've got 'em; a blue screen crash every time!

I am aware that the well-known circumvention is to remove the USB plug prior to shutting down or putting my workstation to sleep, but I don't always remember to do so.  I shouldn't have to anyhow, because the USB standard does not include a requirement for the user to unplug USB devices prior to changing the power state. 

To accomodate this flaw in the driver, I've had to forego my "green" efforts by disabling the automatic sleep and hibernation features of my expensive (and power hungry) DAW.  After all, the last thing I need is to have my DAW crash simply because I was busy auditioning synthesizer patches or practicing an instrument part prior to recording when the DAW went to sleep. 

The blue-screen crashes sometimes knock out my internet connection.  This causes havok with my network, sometimes requiring a reset of the DSL modem and/or my network router thereby causing an unplanned network outage for all devices in my network.  The blue screen crashes can potentially cause other problems as well with backups, antivirus, disk defragmentation, and so forth. 

Plus, any blue-screen crashe is always quite unnerving and unprofessional looking, espeically if seen by any music collaborators or (God Forbid!) actual customers.

The Tranzport was the latest device I added, so I'm confident that this is in fact the problem.  Before that, my Vista 64 Ultimate Edition was stable, with no shutdown or sleep problems.

This does not portray a good image, either for me or for Frontier Design Group.  Furthermore, the risk of system corruption rises exponentially whenever there are failing processes, threads, or tasks; and this is most certainly the case for me.   

In light of all the above, I strongly urge Frontier Design Group to issue a patch as soon as possible so that those of us using your hardware in the field will be able to reduce our exposure to potential system corruption and especially, the embarrassment and associated stress that comes along with any software or OS crashes.

If you would like somebody to help test a new driver patch, please let me know.  I'd be very happy help out and I'd be willing to take the time to do it on my own DAW under controlled conditions.

Thank you for you consideration in this matter.