Hey Jim,

I realize you posted this in April, still I thought I'd let you know that its quite easy to interface with the Alphatrack using Python.
(In case you've never heard of Python, its a scripting language which is quite easy to learn.)

Writing to the screen is the equivalent of sending a MIDI System Exclusive message, formatted in "Alphatrack-Display".

I'd say getting the Timecode out of the program your using is harder.
Just to let you know of that possibility.

Hey again,

Just thought that i'd notify you, there's an amendment to be made to the PDF on the midi implementation of the AlphaTrack.

The second last page has a table of each character the unit can display, and above and below it the HexaDecimal value of each character.

This table is perfectly in order, but one can also send an INTEGER instead of HEX, and get similar results.

EG HEX: Hello

As in the PDF about the MIDI implementation: 
\xf0 \x00 \x01 \x40 \x20 \x00 \x10 \x48 \x65 \x6c \x6c \x6f \xf7

EG INT:  Hello

What i've found:
0xf0 0x00 0x01 0x40 0x20 0x00 0x10 72 101 108 108 111 0xF7

The INTEGER way of assigning each character an INT, is starting TOP-LEFT, and counting DOWN and moving RIGHT at the end of each column.

Maybe this could be added to the PDF? Because i think for a lot of programmers it is easyer to send an INT value of a character than a HEX, since wont need a Dictionary structure to convert the values.

Also, if sending the SysEx message in a string, in some languages the   \   character escapes the next character, giving unexpected results.

-Harry van Haaren

PS: in the above examples, i have the HEX written with the "\x" prefix, and the INT with "0x", because with the MIDI library im using, it threw an exception if i done it any different way.. im not entirely sure if this is the standard or if that is down to my MIDI implementation.

PSS: To demonstrate, i have written a small Python script,which will send the INT to the Alphatrack. It needs the pypm MIDI module, which included in the .zip uploaded here
The program NEEDS python installed, and your MIDI hardware setup MUST be similar to mine if the program is to run. Otherwise change the line

AlphaTrackOut = pypm.Output (<port-Number>,0)

To those who worked on the Alphatrack,
and to those who decided to release the
MIDI instructions:

Thank you for not "selling" these specifications,
for not holding them from the public,
and allowing small programmers like myself
to fully use the functionality of the unit.

I hope this message reaches all those who it should,
-Harry van Haaren