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The latest drivers are working for Windows 64bit, but I needed to know how to route the In/Outs of my Audio Interface (Zulu/Tango24 + Dakota) - Used in Reason - and I cannot route to hear my Inputs in the monitor that is assigned to B1-B2 going to Master L/R Out.

But I cannot my Vocal (Line INs routed to Channel 5 L/R on mixer), how can I route or what be the assignments from Audio IN to Outs and if evt. someone has cable setups as well, many thanks to whoever has this information or if anyone is using Reason or Record with a Dakota/Tango audio setup.

Let me know
- Frank

Hey Folks,

Really need your help,

I have the same problem with my Analog Recording (input): My setup DAW with 64bit Win 7 and Dakota / Montana and a ZULU (simple 4 in 8 out rca - and Optical in/out) Im connected through optical and have using my R/L Keyboard as well as Mic to RCA In  1, 2, 3, 4 have R/L out to my powered speakers. When I try to record through Analog inputs it does not work, I used the Software that comes with the Card to route the sound but nothing, can someone help on how to get this working to be able to get sound recorded in Cubase as Audio and not Midi.

Thanks for all the help, Ive struggling to get this working and been trying / buying other hardware, but I would like to get this working....... Please help.

- Frank