Yes, pressing play the project plays.  In fact all controls work as they should except for encoders 2 and 3 when in AUTO mode.

When I press Shift, I get sticky shift (flashing), but when I press the play/record transport buttons when shift is flashing, I'm unable to toggle read/write.

Cheap hubs can be a problem too, but that usually brings Windows crashing down, not just Cubase.  Worth trying the AlphaTrack on its own USB port if you haven't already.

That feature must be available in Cubase as my Tranzport is able to toggle the automation buttons no problem.

I wasn't able to get the Shift+Record/Play to do anything from the Alphatrack, I will go home and try again to be sure and will report back if there is any change.

When I get the properties of AlphaTrackCN.dll it indicates v1.0.5, is yours the same?

Thanks for the help getting through this, much appreciated.


Here's the steps I'm going through.

AlphaTrack v1.3.0/
Cubase SX3 v3.1.1
XP Pro SP2
Novation XStation v1.28
-Create an empty project
-Create 2 mono audio tracks
-Navigate to a track, press 'Auto' Mode
-Press encoder 1, both tracks are auto write enabled/disabled
-Turn encoder 1, both tracks are auto read enabled/disabled
-Touch encoder 2, it displays "Channel Read Off"

Pressing or turning encoder 2 does nothing.  If I toggle Channel Read with my mouse in Cubase, the Alphatrack's display and auto LEDs update properly.

-Encoder 3 "Write" behaves the same as encoder 2.

I know it isn't bad encoders because encoders 2 and 3 work fine in Send and EQ modes.

Shift+Record and Shift+Play, can't get those to work either.  If they did, at least I'd have a workaround.

Am I missing something?  Can anybuddy duplicate?  Do I need an older version of the plugin?  The manual states Cubase v4, I'm SX3.


Sorry it's taking me so long to get back to you, my studio is ripped apart while I install acoustic treatments.

What I meant by auto enable a single track was using the shift+transport buttons to toggle read/write.  Same when I press the Auto button, the read/write buttons don't work, but Read All/Write ALL works???

I plan on getting things back in order this weekend and will report back.


What I'd really love to see is Trazport support for Presonus' VSL (Virtual Studio Live).  As an owner of the Tranzport, Alphatrack and Presonus StudioLive mixer, this would be a monsterous combination, being able mix from anywhere in the room, huge!

Can't get Read/Write buttons to work with my AlphaTrack in Cubase SX3.  I've got the plugin v 1.0.7 (tho when I get the properties of the .dll, the version tab says 1.0.5). 

The Read All/Write All works when in Auto mode!!! and everything works fine with my Tranzport.  When I click read/write in Cubase, the LEDs on the Alphatrack respond properly, I just can't get it working with a single track.

I've tried both Auto mode and Shift+Transport, neither work.  AT's display indicates v 1.0.7

Any ideas?