Thanks moving the folder to 'Midi Device Plug-ins' folder worked.
Wasnt obvious to me in the installer that the directory should go there. As far as I remember,  on 32 bit it was just a file.
Maybe going through the instructions and make them clearer can reduce the hazzle for future updates?

Anyways, thanks for the great help in here.

I´m hands on - in the box :)

Hope its ok that i post snaps of my directories here. I get something called a nix file at the end there. The error might be there?

Hi. I know where the files are and have downloaded them thanks.
Did u read my post? I am asking where to find the file named alphatrack.bundle.
Í´m running on an iMac i5 quad, OSX 10.6.5 and Logic Pro 9.1.3 (1697)  (64-bit).

Thanks for quick assistance/reply


I am trying to sort out the update but can´t get it to work.
can someone tell in what download I should find the new "alphatrack.bundle" file?
I cant find it anywhere in the two downloads mentioned here:
What seems to be the problem?  Did you make sure that you installed both the new driver "AlphaTrack Macintosh Installer v1.4" and the new plug-in "Logic Plug-in v1.3"?

Please advise

A Wahl