Excuse me in advance if I should have separated these questions.

A) After the discontinuance of the tranzportm, do you foresee the possibilty of the same thing happening to the AlphaTrack?    I the reason I ask as I'm a bit nervous that my device will eventually not be supported even though I (and many others) love it.

If you did discontinue the line completely... the next step for PC users is.... nothing.  Literally, the PreSonus FaderPort is a step down, Euphonix is OSX only, Steignburg products only seem to work with Cubase/Nuendo, the Novation SL MKII series has short faders / non motorized... so that basically leave us with buying a Digi Command8 or Mackie Control Universal which is over $1100. 

B) Are there plans to officially release a Windows 7 driver? If not thats ok, I just need to know so I can plan my studio life cycle.

C) The bug I reported a few month back, in regards to the channel automation from the AT to Pro Toools, has that been addressed?  I remember reading back saying that you confirmed the bug.

Thank you for your time



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Alpha Track and Protools 8 LE. 

Windows 7RC1 - 32bit

My alpha track is working fine with PT8 and Win 7.  I however suspect that Digi changed something in PT8 in regards to how some automation works. 

In the AUTO menu for the Alpha track, there are several options for enabling automation for different things, Vol, Pan, Mute, Insert, Send, Send Mutes...

For each option I try to set to 'OFF', it doesn't affect the outcome in Protools.  The INSERT does provide a visible feedback of when in Write mode that it is on/off.

Maybe I'm not understanding how enabling/disables each one in AUTOmation menu really functions.

If I CNTRL Click on each automation lane, that does disable the automation for that lane.

Any suggestions is appreciated.


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Gothboy wrote:

I'm finding that it does not and it's a real drag.

Same here on windows.  It does work under PLUGIN-IN mode, but not the EQ mode.

Central Scrutinizer wrote:

That actually incorrect.  The AlphaTrack will adjust to whichever track is currently highlighted.  You will be able to select a track with your mouse and the AlphaTrack will update itself and reflect the currently selected tracks information.

This is normal behavior for just about all the apps.  In some applications like Cubase you'll need to enable a setting somewhere called 'sync project and mixer' but you don't have to do that in Sonar.


Are 100% sure about this?  From my experience with Pro Tools 8, you have to SHIFT+WINDOWS KEY+Click to get the hui lanes to move with clicking.

Can you advised on how to make this easier in PT?

I too was able to install on Win 7 64bit.  However it doesn't like Pro Tools 8 (or vice versa)

I keep getting disconnect errors in PT even though there should be nothing wrong.