pinguinotuerto wrote:

:-( Sad.

I sold my Alphatrack and will NEVER buy another Frontier product.
Just the fact they take 2 days or more to respond to posts here says it all.

Move on.

I did.


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PaulT wrote:

You may be shaming the wrong wrong party.

As you are probably aware from the Presonus forums, Studio One  works rather poorly with just about every controller except the Faderport, which is another Presonus product. Coincidence? I think not!

As one of the other posters said, and I agree, Alphatrack is much better than Faderport, as are most other controllers. Presonus would likely sell far fewer Faderports if they allowed other controllers to work to their full potential in Studio One, which for now is a captive market for Faderport.

That's not true.
The latest version of Studio One improved controller support a lot.
Mackie works fine AFAIK.

Even my Alesis MasterControl pretty much works using HUI mode.

As for Presonus not wanting other controllers to work I doubt that is true. They sell tons of Faderports I'm sure but a Faderport is like $99.00 where Studio One Professional is like $399.00 and lack of control surface support *could* be a deal killer for some.

Doesn't make sense.

I too am seeking Studio One support for the AlphaTrack since I use both Sonar and Studio One I would like a single control surface. Faderport works with both so it might be time to switch even though I prefer the features of the AlphaTrack. Any work arounds now that Studio One seems to support HUI to some degree.


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Any plans to incorporate the newer features of Sonar X1, like the ProChannel, into the Alphatrack?

Thanks and Happy New Year to everyone!


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dwcaldwell wrote:


Can anyone tell me if there are any plans to update the control surface plugin to work with the new ProChannel track strip EQ in X1 Producer?


Add me to the list of people looking for this as well !

The AlphaTrack is very popular with Sonar users so I suspect others will be asking!



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Excellent !

Thanks for the update CS!


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I'm gonna be looking for Sonar X1 x64 bit support as well.  Any news from the developers at Frontier?
I suspect there isn't that much that has changed so it might actually work out of the box.